Neighborhood Parcel #1 Residential Shredding Service Provider for Southern New Hampshire: From Nashua, Manchester, Salem To Portsmouth and Derry NH

With over 700+ Customers and counting, Neighborhood Residential Shredding Service is the most complete and trusted Personal Shredding Service on the market. For over a decade, New Hampshire Area residents and businesses trusted to handle their medical files, personal records, and financial documents. Why waste time and money on personal Shredders, when you can have the pros do it for a fraction of the cost?


Industrial Shredders That Pulverize Your Documents

Our AAA Certified Plant can shred your documents, folders, and Medical X-rays safely and securely. Your material is carefully fed into our industrial shredders and recycled for immediate disposal. New Hampshire Area residents are taking advantage of our flat rates and convenient service. Save even more by dropping off your material at our office. We make shredding of your personal document easy and convenient: 7 Days week operations, low flat rates, and no minimums.

Using small office shredders is a thing of the past, their low capacity and high cost made them obsolete. In recent years, more and more businesses and area residents are choosing to hire a shredding service like Neighborhood Parcel for extra peace of mind and cost savings.

Incredible Features: Designed With You In Mind

Neighborhood Parcel has a strong reputation for security and proper handling of your personal and medical documents. Our business relies on word of mouth and Customer Referrals that helped us grow year over year. They allowed us to compete and beat the other Big Stores and Out-of State Corporations!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • 7 Days A Week Operation

  • No Minimums

  • No Contracts

  • Low Flate Rates

  • Convenient Drop-Off Location

  • After Hours Pick Up Service

  • HIPAA Compliant Shredding Svc

  • 100% Recycling

  • Bonded & Insured Business

What Else? Full Compliance With HIPAA and New Hampshire State Privacy Law

Burning your old documents or simply tossing them in the trash can be a great gift to an Identity Thief, Your business may also be facing liability and exposed to hefty HIPAA fines in case of a breach! Don’t risk it, shred it! Choose from our convenient Drop-off service or schedule an Off-site shredding service at your doorstep in Southern New Hampshire.

Shredding Service For NH Businesses

Paper shredding is required by law for many New Hampshire industries, including medical, legal, and financial firms. They are required to keep clients’ data secure and maintain a paper trail to show how documents are stored and destroyed. These companies are often subjected to audits to ensure compliance with both federal and New Hampshire state regulations, including HIPAA (for medical facilities), FACTA (companies dealing with personal or business credit), GLA (for NH banks and other financial institutions), and GSA (government organizations).

Residential Shredding Service Plan

Our residential shredding service plans protect your identity and unclutter your home and storage space. We’ll send our shredding truck to your house and perform the same secure and compliant shredding process that we provide for commercial, legal, health, and government organizations throughout New Hampshire. It’s quick, convenient, and the most cost-effective way to destroy sensitive documents and information like old personal bank statements, Tax filings, Medical X-ray charts, and school records.

I am happy to write this review for Neighborhood Parcel, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled into the parking lot, the location was very convenient and easily accessible. The staff helped me offload my boxes and bags for shredding. The price was very fair and the best part, I did not have to spend my weekends in front of my small shredder. A++ service

Ken Rodiruez , Nashua NH
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How Much Residential Shredding Service Cost?

Smart shoppers choose the Convenience and the Flat Rates of Neighborhood Parcel. Residential Document Shredding Service Rates from 89¢ /Lbs
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