Attention Portsmouth NH residents and businesses, when documents containing sensitive information get into the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic for you and your business. From identity theft to financial fraud, the improper disposal of old or unwanted documents can have far-reaching effects on individuals and businesses alike. So if you need to safely dispose of documents that are no longer needed. It pays to call on New Hampshire’s Number 1 paper shredding service of Neighborhood Parcel.

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For over a decade, we proudly served the Portsmouth New Hampshire business community and area residents. With our low flat rates, no minimums, 7 days week service, and transparent pricing, we gained the trust of thousands of New Hampshire customers who rely on us every day to help them remove their old documents, purge their medical files and help them regain office and storage spaces. Call us today to book your service at 978-636-0301.

A residential document shredding service can help you get rid of paper clutter by freeing up a lot of space in your home. By eliminating stacked boxes, files, and bulky shelving units, you can create more space for living or working in your home. In addition to saving space, residential document shredding services help keep your house organized and safe from identity thieves. Because these documents contain personal details, the wrong people can use them to steal your identity.

The safety of your personal information is the first concern of all homeowners. Every day, households generate millions of documents that contain personal information. Unfortunately, many of these documents end up in the trash or recycling bin, where identity thieves can easily find them and exploit them. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from identity theft is to make sure your documents are shredded by a professional.

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