Merrimack New Hampshire has a new alternative to personal shredders, Shredit, and Staples! Your old documents, bank statements, tax filings, and medical records can be eating up your storage space at your office or residence in Merrimack NH. Getting rid of it is not an easy task in time consumption, effort, and cost. That is why Neighborhood Parcel media destruction service division perfected a shredding service plan with you in mind. Merrimack NH residents and New Hampshire area businesses will find that our document destruction service is secure, convenient, and most importantly very affordable.

Merrimack New Hampshire Location

Neighborhood Parcel Documents Shredding service provides full-service residential shredding near Merrimack New Hampshire and surrounding areas. Whether for your personal document shredding, or home office document destruction, you can count on your documents being shredded and destroyed in a secure way and in compliance with NH and Federal Privacy laws. Collect your documents in boxes, bags, bins, or whatever you like. No need to remove paper clips, staples, and folders. Call 978-636-0301 to get started or stop by our office, minutes from Merrimack New Hampshire.

Our Merrimack NH location: