Document shredding in Hampton NH is not an easy task and is best handled by professionals who have a solid understanding of the law and know how to protect your confidential information. Neighborhood Parcel is a certified document destruction specialist that provides peace of mind knowing that they are adhering to all legal requirements.

There are several federal and state privacy laws that require businesses to protect the privacy of their clients. Failure to follow these laws could result in hefty fines or even criminal charges. If your company does not dispose of your old files in a secure manner, it could result in an embarrassing situation for your business.

Shredding Service In Hampton NH

Whether you’re a consumer or a business, it’s important to know how to shred personal documents to safely dispose of confidential information. There are many laws that require companies to protect this type of information. If you don’t follow these laws, you could face a hefty fine or even criminal penalties.

Shredding personal documents to safely dispose of confidential information is important to prevent identity theft and fraud. In addition, it’s also a good way to protect your business. Using a shredding service to dispose of your documents is a convenient way to ensure compliance. If your office needs document shredding, it is a good idea to hire a company that follows a strict chain of custody. This means that they mix particles from several sources to ensure that the information you discard is properly disposed of. Call 978-636-0301 to get started.

About The Town Of Hampton NH

First called the “Plantation of Winnacunnet”, Hampton was one of four original New Hampshire townships chartered by the General Court of Massachusetts, which then held authority over the colony. Winnacunnet is an Algonquian Abenaki word meaning “pleasant pines” and is the name of the town’s high school, serving students from Hampton and the surrounding towns of Seabrook, North Hampton, and Hampton Falls.

In March 1635, Richard Dummer and John Spencer of the Byfield section of Newbury, Massachusetts, came round in their shallop, coming ashore at the landing, and were much impressed by the location. Dummer, who was a member of the General Court, got that body to lay its claim to the section and plan a plantation here. The Massachusetts General Court of March 3, 1636, ordered that Dummer and Spencer be given power to “To presse men to build there a Bound house.”

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