Are you looking for Best Document Shredding Company In Southern New Hampshire? We have done our research to find the best shredding service company in New Hampshire. The top performers in our review are Neighborhood Parcelthe Gold Award winner; Shred Nations, the Silver Award winner. Here is more on choosing the best document shredding service to meet your service needs in NH.

Document shredding and proper Media Destruction are now required by law for many industries, including medical, legal, and government agencies. New Hampshire companies are required to keep client information secure and maintain a strong chain of custody of how sensitive documents have been stored, accessed, and destroyed. Businesses are often subjected to audits to ensure compliance with both federal and NH state regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA, GLA, and GSA. Residents are also shredding their documents to protect their identity from dumpster divers.

It is important to choose a shredding service company that is compliant with NAID. This means the company has been certified by a third party to follow all required safety procedures and provides you with a certificate of destruction that serves as proof of compliance. NAID requirements include how your documents are transported until it is shredded and recycled. All employees of NAID-certified facilities must go through a thorough background check before being hired and pass a specified training that includes knowledge of federal, and NH state Privacy Laws.

Best Document Shredding Service In NH

Best Shredding Company In NH

I did not have time to research all best companies in Nashua NH. This article helped to identify the best of the best and saved a lot of money. I am happy to recommend Neighborhood Parcek Shredders, they are truly the best in the industry. One other thing this article failed to mention is that they have the lowest rates in Southern New Hampshire.  Their lowest plan starts at 89¢  /Lbs.

Jeff Santiori, Nashua NH

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Secure Shredding Service In New Hampshire

If you live in Southern New Hampshire and look for an alternative to your personal shredder, then you came to the right place. Area residents, medical firms, and accounting agencies have trusted us to handle all their client’s sensitive material for over a decade.  Consumers often look for the best value for the money and after some research, they discover that Neighborhood Parcel shredding service offers a balance approached to document security and cost. If you live or operate a small business in or near Portsmouth, Salem, Nashua, Hampton, Derry, and Plaistow, NH, give us a call today at (978)636-0301 to schedule service.

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