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Residential shredding service is the ideal solution to remove your office storage clutter. Shred your old personal documents, Medical X-rays files and old bank statements for a fraction of the cost of a shredder! Residential shredding service rates from 89¢/ lbs in New Hampshire. Put that personal shredder aside and call the pros at Neighborhood Parcel to help you shred all your confidential documents.

Shredding service in Derry New Hampshire

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When it comes to shredding services that meet all the state and federal privacy laws, not all shredding services are the same. For over a decade neighborhood fossil have been service in New Hampshire area around Derry New Hampshire. We offer area residents and small businesses the opportunity to shred the documents safely securely and within their budget.

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How To Shred Medical Documents

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When it comes to shredding your old files and medical records, you will either have to spend hours in front of your office shredder or look for a trustworthy shredding service company to help you destroy your old documents. Any piece of paper that has your name and address needs to be destroyed and recycle to keep it away from the wrong hands.

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Residential Shredding Service

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With over 700+ Customers and counting, Neighborhood Parcel Shredding Service is the most complete and trusted Personal Shredding Service on the market. For over a decade, New Hampshire Area residents and businesses trusted to handle their medical files, personal records and financial documents.

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Off-Site Shredding Service

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Our secure off-site shredding service in NH is second to none! We have the latest shredding technology and an educated staff that can you and your organization comply with latest HIPAA and State regulations

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Drop-Off Shredding Service

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If you you need safe, HIPAA compliant and secure shredding service in Southern New Hampshire, then you came to the right place! Neighborhood Parcel guarantees your privacy and can save you up to 60% OFF your shredding service fee when you take advantage of our secure drop-off service. You can drop-off your material at our Lowell MA office or we can pick up your documents from your residence and shred them at our local shredding center. We will provide you with a Notarized certificate of destruction showing that every piece of paper was destroyed. Your personal office paper shredder will never do that.

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